Who We Are

Elevate Student Ministries is the student ministry of Calvary Apostolic Church. We are cultivating and elevating our relationship and walk with Christ to a higher level while pursuing a connection with our church, our fellow students and our Student Pastors. Our department ranges from 5th grade until 30. We consist of three different areas of ministry. 
  Hyphen (18 - 30/College & Career)
Elevate (6th - 12th Grade)
Fuzion (5th & 6th grade)




We have classes that take place every Sunday at 9:45 AM and most Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. 
Every month we have a main activity that takes place. This event will be posted on our Facebook page with additional information needed.
We also have a Group Messenger Chat for all of our students and parents, as well as an "Elevate" Instagram page that events are posted to. 

Sheaves For Christ

Sheaves For Christ is our yearly fundraiser that we use to raise monies for our department, our District Youth Program and our National Youth Program. The funds also go towards supporting an orphange, a home for troubled boys, missionarises both locally and globally and more! If you are interested in contributing towards Sheaves For Christ please contact us for more information! 

Student Ministry

Meet Our Student Pastor

Nathan & Emilie Hussey serve as the Student Pastor of Calvary. 
Nathan has his General License with the United Pentecostal Church International and also serves at the Iowa District Youth President. He also works at Hamiltons Funeral Home in the Advanced Planning and Accounting Departments. 
Emilie is the Administrative Assistant at Calvary. She holds her Assosiates Degree in Liberal Arts, and is currently pursuing her local license with the United Pentecostal Church International. 
They have two beautiful children, Zaedyn & London. 
They enjoy traveling, visiting local coffee shops and restaraunts, are self-proclaimed foodies, and enjoy going to plays and exploring different cultures! 
At Calvary you might see them on the keyboard, the drums, preaching, teaching, at the computer and more. 

Student Ministry

Student ministry is a vital part of a church structure, as students are a vital part of a family and society. Students face many challenges today from increasing suicide rates and overdoses, bullying, financial and educational worries and more. At Calvary our Student program strives to create a safe enviroment where students will feel love and acceptance as well as an open line of communication for support. Every class has the ultimate structure of teaching Godly morals and guidelines. 

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