Member Information

Cleaning Schedule: The sign-up sheet is located on the Nursery window in the Main Sanctuary. Thank-you for your time, dedication and commitment in making our church clean and welcoming! We appreciate your work for the Kingdom of God. Please have the church clean for the date listed and the Wednesday following.

Areas of Ministry: If you are interested in being used in a Ministry please set-up a meeting time with Pastor Deckard or Bro. Hussey and they will direct you to various areas that help is needed.

Music Schedule: If you possess a musical talent and would like to be used please see Sis. Deckard. There are spiritual requirements when being used in ministry, so please keep in mind that those must be met to be used.

Bible Studies: We are always looking for Saints to teach or host Bible Studies. Please see Pastor Deckard or Bro. Hussey if you are interested in helping teach or having a host location.